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Yochi Bling

 予知  ブリンブリン

The Japanese word Yochi means: Prediction, Prophecy, Clairvoyance, etc...
The Urban word Bling, when used as an adjective means:
To be flashy or stand out

Yochi Bling Originated in 2007 in the USA. Although the clothing line had not been designed yet, the name was being established through social media. Many logos and designes had been tried out but none seemed to fit. By 2011 after many backburner reheats, Yochi Bling had finally got a stable look. Now we needed a marketing plan. EASY! Sell the whole world Yochi Bling. It wouldn't be until 2016 when the first shirts where printed up. With some help from a few friends in Hong Kong, Yochi Bling finally made it off the design table into the real world. Talk about "The Slow Boat to China" Quickly becoming a hit Yochi Bling was starting to take shape. Much thanks to the Wan Chai community. Although every move forward is not always an easy step, it's still much easier than stepping back!

Yochi Bling is more than just clothing, it's an Attitude!



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